Made a penguin. (at Da house)



This marked-up copy is Shelly’s own first edition of Queen Mab as annotated by himself. The original manuscript is held in the Ashley Library in the British Library.

Never too late to do another draft.

We didnt use to have ducks winter over in this stretch. last few winters, we have. 18 below, and there are about a dozen here, usu in the water; here some are in the far right tip of the dark cure of open water on the right of frame. A decade ago this entire stretch usually closed by around Jan 1. It will likely close in next hours, and open water will be hard to find. Not sure what the ducks will do. (at North Branch of the Winooski)

18 below. Cold enough for ya? Yes. That’s cold enough. (at North Branch of the Winooski)

What turns you on in writing? What infuriates you?

Schaap: I think what I always want most of all is the sense that the reader matters to the writer. That a story, true or not, is being told not only for the sake of the telling, but because it might matter to anyone generous enough to take the time to read it. And I don’t mean it has to matter in some big, life-changing way (though sometimes literature has had that effect on me). I guess I’m annoyed by writers who seem only to look inward, and never out at the world around them. There’s a kind of willful obfuscation or opacity I sometimes detect in contemporary poetry that turns me off. All writers need to be introspective. I think that’s obvious. But I think we also need to signal to our readers that they’re part of this, too

The Rumpus Interview With Rosie Schaap – The

Pink Floyd plays the Hubbard Park Tower, which talks back. (at Hubbard Tower)

Racing clouds before a coming storm. Gust almost blew me over. Later this week, highs of -2F. That’s F for… (at Hubbard Park)