Enter, ye Unitarians (at Unitarian Church, Montpelier)



X-ray Image of a Nikon Photographer


NY-based photographer Shinichi Maruyama created these lovely photographs using nearly 10,000 individual photographs of a nude dancer in motion. The abstract images remind me of Japanese ink wash painting, as if the figures were cread by the stroke of a thick brush, which is not unsuprising considering Maruyama’s previous work with water sculptures. “

(via Time-lapse Images of Nude Dancers Created with 10,000 Individual Photographs | Colossal)



Mapping the Census: A Dot for Every Person

Brandon Martin-Anderson, a graduate student at MIT’s Changing Places lab, was tired of seeing maps of U.S. population density cluttered by roads, bridges, county borders and other impediments.

Fortunately for us, he has the technological expertise to transform block data from the 2010 Census into points on a map. One point per person, and nothing else. 

Read more. [Images: Brandon Martin-Anderson]

This is amazing.

Homemade cake for a plane-obsessed 11-year-old (just).

“A hull to hold the waves at bay and a sail to hold the wind for way.”

One of the endless pleasures of Robert Macfarlane’s “The Old Ways,” about old paths on land, sea, and tidal flat. A gorgeous read, with remarkable gems in nearly every paragraph.