Daily Routines – Simone de Beauvoir

This is Simone de Beauvoir on her work habits. Question suggests that she was known as a hard driver. 

People say that you have great self-discipline and that you never let a day go by without working. At what time do you start?

I’m always in a hurry to get going, though in general I dislike starting the day. I first have tea and then, at about ten o’clock, I get under way and work until one. Then I see my friends and after that, at five o’clock, I go back to work and continue until nine. I have no difficulty in picking up the thread in the afternoon. When you leave, I’ll read the paper or perhaps go shopping. Most often it’s a pleasure to work.

This does make one wonder if we’ve radically increased the pace. This is slaving away? This sounds like a vacation to me.


Half cake bc daughter is 7-1/2 today.

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Taken at Montpelier, VT