Would you create your own religion?

@David_Dobbs Would you create your own #religion? http://bit.ly/kZvFl6 shr w/ yr followers #HaroldCamping #HuffingtonPost #religion #contest
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Would you create your own religion?


Not gonna look. RT @moximer: “first time in any sport the No.1 ranked male player lost to the No.1 ranked female player” http://t.co/ce27WwK

Radical Chic: That Party at Lenny’s by Tom Wolfe | Byliner

RT @TheByliner: Today’s #bylinerclassic. Tom Wolfe’s “Radical Chic” (New York Mag, June 1970) http://bit.ly/menAuo

Radical Chic: That Party at Lenny’s by Tom Wolfe | Byliner


Pics or it didn’t happen. RT @edyong209: @David_Dobbs @marynmck A formal cookie transaction was made. Get offa my narrative.


RT @fstonenyt: NYT editorial: Rather than leading, Obama is treating marriage equality like a mere liquor law that can vary by state. ht …


Longlist – science books prize | Royal Society

RT @alicebell: Congrats to @jonWturney @alexbellos @iansample and everyone else shortlisted for the Science Book prize: http://bit.ly/iNp4Qu

Longlist – science books prize | Royal Society


Jonah Lehrer | The Browser

RT @TheBrowser: The great @jonahlehrer joins us today as guest editor at http://thebrowser.com – you can see all his picks here http://b

Jonah Lehrer | The Browser